Your Brain at Work LIVE | Build a Better Normal: Insights from Thousands of Companies

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In this episode of Your Brain at Work LIVE, we synthesize our insights from hundreds of conversations with HR leaders in tech, utilities, the pharmaceutical industry, and more.

Join our host and CEO, Dr. David Rock and NLI's subject matter experts, Khalil Smith (Culture and Leadership), Ester Neznanova (Diversity and Inclusion), and Barbara Steel (Performance) as they share relevant data and science-backed ways to stay engaged and "build a better normal."

Our experts discuss:

  • Keeping yourself and your teams not only okay, but engaged
  • How to make new practices sustainable (e.g. meetings, working from home)
  • Leveraging this moment to re-imagine learning and re-frame organizational culture

Discover how companies like yours are using empathy and brain-based strategies to make the best out of our current situation.

Presented by:

Dr. David Rock

CEO & Co-Founder

Khalil Smith

SVP, Practices & Consulting 

Ester Neznanova

D&I Practice Lead

Barbara Steel

Performance Practice Lead