LEAD Soft Launch (3)

Did you know that only 40% of companies say they’ve got the managers they need? Part of the challenge has been finding a way to develop large numbers of new, middle, and senior managers in a way that really changes behaviour in a reasonable time.


Does your organisation need better leaders faster?


The NeuroLeadership Institute is thrilled to present its newest solution, LEAD, a digital solution that transforms manager effectiveness at any scale, fast. Using real neuroscience, cutting-edge AI, hard data, and the latest learning technologies, LEAD changes the game; LEAD converts high potential into high performance.


Join us as we reveal this one-of-a-kind offering empowering organisations to harness evidence-based essentials for making any manager more effective.


Tuesday, December 5 @ 12 - 1  PM AEDT 

12 PM - 1 PM Sydney/Melbourne
11 AM - 12 PM Brisbane
2 - 3 PM Auckland/Wellington
9 - 10 AM Singapore/Hong Kong/Perth
8 - 9 AM Hanoi/Bangkok
10 AM - 11 AM Tokyo
6.30 - 7.30 AM India
 i.e Monday,  December 6 @ 5 - 6 PM PST

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David Rock

David Rock

Co-Founder and CEO





Jeff Knibb

Director of Client Insights, APAC