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Did you know that only 40% of companies say they’ve got the managers they need? Part of the challenge has been finding a way to develop large numbers of new, middle, and senior managers in a way that really changes behaviour in a reasonable time.


Does your organisation need better leaders faster?


The NeuroLeadership Institute is thrilled to present its newest solution, LEAD, a digital solution that transforms manager effectiveness at any scale, fast. Using real neuroscience, cutting-edge AI, hard data, and the latest learning technologies, LEAD changes the game; LEAD converts high potential into high performance.


Join us as we reveal this one-of-a-kind offering, empowering organisations to harness evidence-based essentials for making any manager more effective.


Thursday, Feb. 22nd

9.30 - 10 AM AEDT / 8.30 - 9 AM AEST / 5.30 - 6 PM EST on Feb. 21st


This is a private event, reserved for current or prospective clients only. In the event that we must decline your registration, we'll be happy to direct you to other NeuroLeadership Institute resources.

Presented By

David Rock

Dr David Rock

Co-Founder & CEO

NeuroLeadership Institute



Dr. Emma Sarro (2)

Dr Emma Sarro

Director of Research

NeuroLeadership Institute



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