APAC Webinar

Coronavirus: What Science Says Leaders Should Do

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In times like these, it’s important for leaders to stay cool under pressure, make the right decisions for all stakeholders, and then execute those decisions effectively. But uncertainty lies at the heart of this crisis, so what exactly are leaders to do? 

Join Dr. Caroline Bettenay, Nicson White and Lynda Edwards as they examine the ongoing disruptions and challenges for leaders and employees.They will identify the big decisions leaders need to make, the biases that may cloud adaptive thinking, and the opportunities that exist to make virtual work a reliable (and maybe even superior) alternative. 

Listen to our webinar to learn the courses of action science suggests every leader should be taking.

Presented by:

Dr. Caroline Bettenay

Head of Client Experience, NeuroLeadership Institute

Nicson White

Head of Sales & Marketing, NeuroLeadership Institute

Lynda Edwards

Lead Consultant, NeuroLeadership Institute