Your Brain at Work LIVE | How Allies Take Bold Action

As conversations around race, equity, fairness and allyship become essential to a psychologically safe work environment, we will dedicate upcoming episodes of Your Brain at Work LIVE to NLI’s three pillars of allyship. Our “Leadership Now” series unpacks what it means to Listen Deeply, Unite Widely and Act Boldly.

In Part 1 we reviewed the science behind how to run company town hall meetings and listening circles. In Part 2 we discussed how organizations can create shared goals and unite widely.  

In Part 3 our panel of experts will dissect how leaders can act boldly by being courageous within their organization and outside of it. Business leaders can champion diversity initiatives and role model the right behavior. Externally they can partner with community leaders in support of fair policing and ensure they only do business with institutions that do not benefit from systemic racism.  

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August 14th
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm ET

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Khalil Smith
VP Research, Consulting & Practices, NLI

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